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Tanaia Wise


Certified Wedding & Event Planner

Tanaia was born and raised in Kalispell, MT. She is a fourth generation Montanan that comes from a long line of entrepreneurs.  Her heart is to serve the Flathead Valley that she loves so much by planning beautiful weddings and events for its residents and admirers.

Tanaia attended Spokane Falls Community College where she received her Associates Degree in Business with a certificate in Social Media Marketing. After graduating in December of 2016, she moved home to Kalispell. Her dream to plan weddings and events came naturally as she helped family and friends plan baby showers, weddings, and milestone birthdays. As she did this, she realized how alive she felt when helping to prepare a special occasion for someone else. From this, she decided that it was time to live out the age-old ideal, “Do what you love, love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life.” 


That is what inspired her to pursue certification in Wedding & Event Planning. Tanaia attend the Wedding Planning Institute and is now a Certified Wedding & Event Planner and is joyfully utilizing her education to help you plan your dream.


Why Hire a Wedding & Event Planner?

Why Hire a Wedding & Event Planner?

We all love to take the fun ideas in our heads and use them to host a great party, event, or wedding for our family and friends. Let me take that idea that you have and help set it into motion! By having professional help you get all the joy of hosting the wedding or event without having to prep all of the details. As your wedding and event planner I can offer advice on traditions, vendor selection, locations, logistics, timelines and ideas for a creative occasion.


Planning your wedding or event should be fun, interactive, and without stress. By allowing a professional to assist you in your planning efforts you can ensure that you are free to experience your wedding or event along with your guests. A professional planner can also ensure that the aspects of your wedding or event are organized for a seamless experience. It takes the pressure of narrowing vendor selections, setting up, cleaning up, dealing with last minute emergencies, and organizing the details off of you.

It would be my great honor to assist you in bringing your wedding or event dream to fruition. Visit the

Service Packages page for a more comprehensive list of ways I can help with your wedding or event. You can also schedule your FREE consultation now to learn more.

A Bit More About Tanaia and Wise Wedding & Event Planning

I have this picture in my mind of a beautiful banquet hosted in preparation for me. I see every detail organized. The plate setting, music, location, table décor, color scheme, food selection…everything. I think of how special that makes me feel to have such a wonderful event hosted for me with every detail catered to my likes, desire, and style.

It is that picture that motivates me to plan your perfect event. I desire to inspire that feeling of pure delight in my clients. There is a very relational element to having an event planned for you that little else can compare with. The detail to an event can create an atmosphere that inspires emotion in every attendee.

The purpose of a wedding or milestone event is to celebrate someone and something. Such events are very experiential. It isn’t just about what songs or appetizer you choose, but why you’re choosing it. Every part of an event, especially with a wedding, can and should reflect who you are and what your life is about. 

For weddings specifically, you are starting a new life with someone else and your wedding should be a beautiful blend of both your lives up to this point and what you want your newly joined life to be from this moment on. Your wedding should be something that you can look back on and remember the emotions, the promise, and the hope. It should inspire new desire in you when you need it to bask in the joy of why you married that person.


You see, a wedding or milestone event isn’t just a day. It’s an opportunity to create a memory that can be revisited again and again.  That is what I want to help you create; a memory.


My Promise To You

  • I promise to dream with you about your perfect wedding or event

  • I promise to hear your needs

  • I promise to advocate for you in all business dealings

  • I promise to help you create memories

  • I promise to keep within your budget and bring to fruition as many of your ideas as possible within that budget

  • I promise to be upfront and honest with you at every stage of planning

  • I promise to work diligently to design an experience, not just an event

  • I promise to remain in constructive and proactive communication with you

  • I promise to be knowledgeable about industry trends and traditions

  • I promise to consider the small details of your wedding or event

  • I promise that we will have fun during the planning process

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